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Rance 1795

Francois Charles



Jean Rancé devoted this perfume to François Charles, Napoleon's only son. A manly perfume which goes to the hearts of nature lovers, perceive a gradually changing sequence of plants, flowers and wild herbs.

Fragrance Pyramid

Head notes: Basil, Cardamom, Lavender, Bergamot, Calabrian Lemon
Heart notes: Thyme absolute, Ginger, Geranium, Carnation, Jasmine
Base notes: Virginia Cedar, Florentine Iris, Musk

Perfumer: Jeanne Sandra Rance
Grasse, France

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Since the beginning of 1600s the Rancé family became famous for producing perfumed gloves for the French Aristocracy in Grasse (France).

In 1795, François Rancé turned entirely to perfumery. His innovative spirit led him to create extremely refined and modern perfumes, which secured him the favour of Napoleon. He became the Empereur's favourite perfumer, and created for him "Le Vainqueur", "Triomphe" and "L'Eau de Austerliz".

In honour of Josephine Bonaparte he created "l'Impératrice" which he presented to the Empress in a precious Sevres porcelain box. The last example of this precious porcelain objet d'art is kept in the Rancé archives.

Several generations of Rancé have followed. At the end of 1800s Alexandre Rancé moved to Milan; his place at the head of the family firm is held today by his granddaughter Jeanne Sandra Rancé with her son Jean Maurice Alexandre Rancé.

Giovanni Rance



Jean Sandra Rance


Rance 1795 at Esxence : 2015

Credit: Esxence 2015


Rance 1795 at Esxence : 2014

Credit: Esxence 2014

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