• L'Aigle de la Victoire

Rance 1795

L'Aigle de la Victoire



First made in 2013 to commemorate the victory of Napoleon at Wagram near Vienna in 1809. In 2015, this exceptional fragrance was reformulated by Giovanni Rance. The addition of fruits such as raspberry and lemon have given this scent a new dimension but still keeping its extremely manly aroma portrayed by intense woody and leathery notes.

Fragrance Pyramid

Head notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon
Heart notes: Raspberry, Birch leaf
Base notes: Agarwood (oud), Vetiver, Leather, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli

Perfumer: Jeanne Sandra Rancé
Year of Release: 2013

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RANCÉ 1795 is a Maison de Parfumeurs with a unique tradition. Born to a family of glovers, François Rancé founded his Parfumeur workshop in Grasse in 1795. A favourite perfumer by Napoleon, François revolutionized the art of perfumery by creating fragrances of timeless excellence. Subsequent Rancé generations continued to develop innovative fragrances for illustrious figures of their times. Moved to Milan in 1902, RANCÉ 1795 historic HQ houses a Perfume Museum featuring vintage products, archives and the Rancé collection of objets d'art. Today, the 7th generation is carrying on the family's traditional craft, inspired by ancient recipes, selected natural ingredients, passion and creativity. They produce iconic contemporary fragrances which make RANCÉ 1795 ever more unique.

Giovanni Rance



Jeanne Sandra Rance


Rance 1795 at Esxence : 2015

Credit: Esxence 2015


Rance 1795 at Esxence : 2014

Credit: Esxence 2014

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