Source Joyeuse n°2

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Hayari Parfums


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“True novelty is always born out of the return to the sources” Edgar Morin.

Like an invitation to an aperitif, the inclination of the second citric and anise-infused cocktail is to present a Mediterranean aromatic recipe, with a top bouquet of garden herbs, estragon , basil and star anise.

Such more masculine perception is in harmony with the feminine aspect of honeysuckle with a hint of jasmine at the very heart of the mixture.

The awakening of senses is stimulated by the ozonic freshness that originates from the harmony between the exquisite raw materials. The warm romance of the second source or aromas, which are imbued with green floral essence, originates from the mysterious ginger flower. A base of grey amber contribute to the sillage, with a musky aphrodisiac effect. 

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Bergamot, Tarragon, Basil, Star Anise
Heart notes: 
Ginger flower, Honeysuckle, Jasmine
Base notes: 
Ambergris, Vetiver, Musk

Perfumers: Vincent Richod
Paris, France
Year of Release: 2016

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From Couture to Niche Perfumery


Encouraged by his old accomplice, Hugues Alard, who has always been in love with and evolved in the perfumery world, the tantalizing world of HAYARI has become even more fascinating with the addition of fragrances celebrating love and the delicious complexity of women.

A perfume is said to reveal one’s personality and it is quite naturally that Nabil and Hugues drew their inspiration from women to create subtle, elegant and sensual fragrances embodying the various facets of their personality: passionate, seductive and mysterious in turns.

Like the women behind the inspiration – the subtle, elegant and sensual scents featured in the Hayari Paris fragrance collection draw on passion, seduction and mystery.


Nabil Hayari

Nabil Hayari was drawn to the world of fashion from a very early age. Very quickly, his path led him to one of France’s prestigious fashion schools where he finished at the top of his class and where his talents caught the eye of the École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne. Exceptionally talented, Nabil soon became creative director at a fashion house in the famous Parisian “Golden Triangle” district where he remained for 5 years.

Young and ambitious, Nabil decided to create his own label in 2009, with the aim of bringing to life the type of gowns which women have always dreamed of wearing. His expertise has enabled him to create exquisite designs, dressing top models and princesses.


Cécile Zarokian

Cécile Zarokian graduated from ISIPCA, she was trained for four years in Robertet, at first in Grasse, then in Paris.

In 2011, Cécile decided to found her own company, CECILE ZAROKIAN SARL, and to set up her laboratory in Paris, in order to be able to dedicate her entire time to working freely as an independent perfumer.


Vincent Richod

Born in the family of perfumers in Grasse, Vincent Ricod always had an inclination towards arts and thus he moved to creating perfumes that reflects his love for arts. The balance of nature and elegance in his creations enclose the vibrations of the olfactory world in the head, heart and base notes. His creations for the brand includes the Source Joyeuse line and Secret Mystique from the Collection Origine which perfectly grasps the essence of nature.



Hayari Paris in British Vogue - July 2016 Edition


Hayari Paris at Esxence

Credit : Esxence 2016