Tsar Devitsa (Tsar Maiden)

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Tsar Devitsa is a fairy tale image of a young beauty from Russian folktales. She is resolute and wise, confidently ruling her wonderful kingdom. The fame about her intelligence and fine looks spreads all over the world. Brave foreign knights, young kings, and tsars stand by her gate, hoping to turn her head and win her stubborn heart.

Bright and gusty fragrance of Tsar Devitsa expresses an image of a resolute and daring beautiful lady. To express the maid’s strong personality, the author of the fragrance, the young perfumer Marine Ipert, chose a gamut of bright spices. They truly convey the languid anticipation of first through tender magnolia and freesia wrapped in gourmand warm notes of vanilla, cream and sweet sandal. 

Fragrance Facts

Head notes: Pimento pepper, Black pepper, Sicilian bergamot, Pink pepper
Heart notes: Magnolia, White freesia, Rose
Base notes: Musk, Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Perfumer: Marine Ipert
Conception: Moscow, Russia
Year of Release: 2019

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Brocard Group was founded in 1991 and and for 25 years is one of the leaders in the perfumes and cosmetics market in Russia. The ambition of Brocard is to revive the traditions of the art of Russian perfumery, the guild of Henri Brocard, Alexander Ostroumov, Rallet, who provided their products to the imperial court and won the recognition of customers, Russian and European by the quality, diversity and originality of their floral cologne and scented waters. The Brocard Group has been the winner of the International FiFi awards "Breakthrough of the Year"!

Bertrand Duchaufour

Bertrand began his perfumer career in Grasse in 1985. He learned from the senior Master Perfumers at Florasynth and Symrise and shaped during all these years his own approach to Perfumery.

“I had acquired a very specific approach to perfumery, which is that of all the perfumers in the big labs. By becoming independent, by working in my own lab, directly on my formulas, by weighing them, I’ve developed a different approach to perfumery, another way of building my perfumes. My control over raw materials is getting better and better”. - Bertrand Duchaufour.


Marine Ipert


Christian Vermorel


Alienor Massenet

 Credit: Brocard Group